Stay Relaxed, Stay Natural. End your mind and body pain with Massage Therapy.

Human body has ample potential to heal itself naturally with massage, yoga & naturopathic solutions. If you are feeling low, distressed or in pain the science of Massage therapy can restore your body & mind relaxation.

At Aurora Massage & Chiropractic Wellness Centre, we value the importance of healthy living in this tiring restless world. Our proficient therapists provide personalized massage service that is salutary for every customer. As this natural healing method is in practice since ancient times to ease the pain & calm the nerves so our therapists mastered the art of massage therapy & modernized this education to keep the body healthy & active.

With our pioneer head to toe massage maximize the benefits of Massage Therapy & cut your pain-killing medication routine.

Our aim is to unwind fitness troubles with intensive client-centered care. Today, several Massage & Spa Centers, Holistic health care practitioners represent their service in the Health & Wellness industry however, we have set our standards that define only our customer satisfaction & happiness. We examine & concentrate on different therapies to improve muscle tone, blood circulation, chronic pain, body strength, balances energy, flush out toxins & metabolic waste.

Among the numerous Massage advantage some are highlighted below:

  • Cut down the recovery period
  • Prepares body for vigorous & strenuous workout.
  • Helps pregnant women in normal delivery & recovers health consistently.
  • Enhances body immunity & flexibility
  • It’s a drug-free practice to relieve symptoms of painful ailments
  • Recovers sports injuries.

After massage tips:
We have worked out some after Massage tips that can help to:
Rehydration- After a massage, drink plenty water to move out toxins & other metabolic waste from your body.
Relax & experience Massage full effect- Engage in comforting activities, a slow walk or a nap which will help to rebalance your mind & body.

Detoxifying effect- Soothing effects of massage are cumulative. Take a warm water bath to relax your muscles or any muscle swelling/inflammation.

Soreness- In initial massage you will feel soreness but regular visit improves soreness & makes you feel rejuvenated.
Feedback- Share your feedback & relaxing result after the massage. It helps you & massager/therapist to acknowledge how much finger or hand pressure is required.

Get rid of nagging aches, body & nervous tension. Experience the life changing results & uphold physical activeness, strength with vital Massage therapy.

Swedish Massage

Massage Therapy is the manipulation of the soft tissue of the body including muscle, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments and joints. Massage Therapy is one of the best known antidotes for stress. It can also relieve tight muscles and aids in healing of many different types of injuries such as tendonitis, sprains & strains. Massage reduces inflammation by increasing circulation and brings nutrition to injured cells. Massage can also limit scar tissue formation in new injuries and can make scar tissue more pliable in old injuries.

Some conditions treated with Massage Therapy:

• Stress reduction and relaxation
• Sports injuries and overuse injuries
• Migraines and tension headaches
• Pregnancy discomfort
• Back pain

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